* Minimum requirement to attempt the AD ‘C’ Test is to have previously passed the AD ‘B’ Test

* Good communication with the aircraft pilot for proper spotting over an uninhabited area, proper wind drift calculations, as well as checking for the presence of possible clouds. The testee is free to choose his/her exit position. Both Freefly™ Instructors, primary spaceball master and secondary spaceball master, will exit the aircraft at the same time as the testee and will document on video every step of the testee’s performance.

* Testee exits the aircraft at approximately 13500 ft. AGL with one space ball in each hand. The 2 space balls will have 2 different colors: for example one is white and one is yellow

* Testee releases one of the 2 space balls into space then places the other spaceball next to the first one previously released, on level, within its grabbing distance; or may release both space balls simultaneously one next to the other at grabbing distance. Primary space ball master will stay on level with the white space ball at appropriate distance, secondary space ball master stays on level following the movement of the yellow space ball, at appropriate distance.

* Testee performs a 360 turn around the vertical axis, then retrieves one of the 2 space balls (the most convenient one), brings it back to the other space ball and releases it next to it, on level, within grabbing distance

* Testee performs a 360 rotation around the horizontal axis (front or back loop), then retrieves one of the 2 space balls, brings it back close to the one still free in space, releases it next to it, on level, within grabbing distance.

* Testee performs a 360 Rotation around the side axis (left or right weedeater/cartwheel), then must retrieve the yellow space ball. Put it in the left hand and pull between 4000 and 3500 ft, to allow extra time in case of a parachute emergency. All maneuvers need to be completed by 6500 ft. AGL. Freefly™ instructor, the primary space ball master, will retrieve the white space ball. Second space ball master responsibility is to catch the yellow spaceball in case the Testy does not.

* The Testee must retrieve and retain the yellow space ball by 6500 ft AGL.

* For any safety reason (entering a cloud or air traffic or dangerous performance of the Testy or for any other emergency situation) the Freefly™ instructor may wave off the Testy, at this sign the secondary space ball master/evaluator must retrieve one of the 2 space balls at once and the primary evaluator the other space ball. In this case the test will be considered incomplete.